What can a vertical injection molding machine do, how to choose?

In this technologically advanced society, we can all see that there are so many plastic products in the society. Because plastic products are particularly convenient in the process of use, but also have the opportunity to turn waste into treasure. So there are a lot of factories, they will choose some very advanced machines, which will allow them to produce plastic products that many people trust. So we can all see that there are quite a few staff members in the company who are very eager to find a particularly strong vertical injection molding machine manufacturer.

When I had a friend who was a factory employee, he asked me to help find a suitable injection molding machine. I recommended the vertical injection molding machine for him. Compared with the horizontal injection molding machine, the vertical injection molding machine has great advantages, such as easy implementation. Insert molding, because the mold surface is facing up, the insert is placed in an easy position. This is beyond the scope of horizontal injection molding machines. Vertical injection molding machines are also divided into several types, vertical injection molding machines, vertical horizontal injection molding machines, C-type injection molding machines, vertical single-slide injection molding machines, double-slide injection molding machines, vertical disc injection molding machines, Rotary series, a variety of vertical injection molding machines are available for manufacturers to choose.

When selecting an injection molding machine, manufacturers often choose injection molding machines that are more suitable for their own factories. For vertical wire injection molding machines for computer peripherals, vertical injection molding machines for household appliances, and the production of toothbrush handles, small vertical injection molding machines are suitable. When I first worked on the production of plugs for household appliances, I chose to use vertical injection molding machines. The experience of using them is really very easy to use, and it is more suitable than horizontal injection molding machines.

Post time: Mar-28-2019